About Us

About OceanBridge Apparel

We believe that life is full of great opportunities. Even when we are struggling, we find hope and opportunity in all that we do. The mission of OceanBridge Apparel is to spread the message of hope to parents and families everywhere.


What is “OceanBridge” ?

We are a husband-and-wife team, Mike and Shan.  “OceanBridge” is the name of our first daughter in English, translated directly from Chinese.

In 2013, we lost her to a miscarriage in the 17th week of pregnancy. We didn’t have a chance to meet her. At that moment, our lives hit rock bottom. We were heartbroken. We felt miserable and defeated.

It took a long time to heal. But we bounced back, found hope and stayed positive, and looked forward, one step at a time.

Today, we are the proud parents of a little boy, Hansen, who has turned our loss into something meaningful and positive. The joy and struggles while raising this little guy has inspired us every single day.

That’s why we started OceanBridge—to document this amazing journey, promote positive thinking with our designs, and inspire other families.


Connecting the fun, Embracing the moment

OceanBridge is about going beyond limits and finding hope—just as you’d feel if you were standing before the endless ocean horizon. We want to encourage parents and couples who are going through tough times that no matter what, there’s always something to embrace and look forward to. 

We are working hard on our design concepts, making sure it is unique and fun!

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